Webinar | Meeting the challenge of onboarding complex client structures



Customer onboarding is challenging at the best of times, but onboarding corporate, fund, and trust entities is especially difficult due to the intricate and interconnected nature of their underlying business structures.

As a direct result, all too often the onboarding process is slow, linear, and ultimately frustrating for all the parties involved.

To discover a faster, more efficient way, watch the replay for this webinar in which Tom Devlin, (RiskScreen’s Chief Commercial Officer) and Jeremy Swetenham (Senior Customer Success Manager), explain how you can overcome the challenge of onboarding complex structures.

This insightful, yet highly practical demonstration covers:

  • The common issues encountered when onboarding corporate, trust, and fund entities 
  • Meeting the challenge through technology, including eIDV, dynamic questionnaires, and real-time risk assessments 
  • Why accelerating time to revenue does not compromise compliance assurance