AML Vulnerabilities in Asset Management

AML Vulnerabilities in Luxury Goods


There was a time when asset managers could afford to take a more relaxed view of money laundering risk than colleagues in other areas of the financial services sector.

That time is over. 

The rapid growth of the asset management industry, the increasing sophistication of financial criminals, combined with tighter rules on money laundering, mean that asset managers are increasingly at risk.
As a direct result, financial regulators are taking greater interest in the sector’s compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) legislation.

To ensure your business doesn’t fall foul of any new national and international legislation and regulatory requirements, this industry report will help you to identify any weaknesses in your existing compliance framework.
In this brand-new industry report, we examine:
- Where asset managers may be vulnerable to AML risk
- The current regulatory environment in the UK, EU, and US
- Screening for sanctions, ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs), and politically exposed persons (PEPs)
- How to ensure compliance with AML regulations
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